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The country:
Romania is located in south-eastern Europe between 43-37'07 "and 48-15'06" north latitude and 20-15'44 "and 29-41'24" degrees east longitude, and the country is approximately 480 km from north to south and 640 km from east to west. The surface of the country is 237,500 square kilometers and has a population of over 23 million

In the northern area of the Romanian Black Sea coast, with the Danube Delta a unique natural paradise, which Tulcea from good can be achieved. Over the centuries, extended the estuary of the Delta over 2,800-kilometer-long river to a maze of rivers, islands and lakes with dense Schilfgürteln, impenetrable tropical forests and dunes.


So this is original land that is still some villages just across the water to reach the UNESCO and the Danube Delta on the list of protected biosphere reserves continued. From Tulcea at the beginning of the delta, where the Delta Museum, you can do this unique ecosystem, with its 18 reserves, his bird havens and his complete silence from boat to experience.

Basically, the fish in the Danube Delta and in the lakes outside the larger cities (within the legal limits). In the Danube Delta live over 160 fish species (to mention are: the sturgeon, northern pike and carp). Fish can also occasionally several boat cruises or organized trips for work and Hobbyornitologen (the Danube delta is the home of more than 300 bird species and the largest pelican colony-Europe). The arrangements for the Danube Delta have strictly adhered to (also for fishing and hunting). Tourists, with their own boats arriving at the port must Directorate Tulcea a fee. Here are passports, shipping permit and registration papers for the boats.

Further south are the beach resorts of Romania's Black Sea coast. Constanta, we Konstanza, is the destination airport for the Black Sea holiday, as the beach resorts align themselves directly in the south. This is the Konstanza a very interesting town with its ancient monuments, located directly on the ocean and the busy casino operation, the largest Romanian seaport. Above all, however, is already in the 7th Centuries before Christ, founded Konstanza full of culturally notable basilicas and Roman ruins, one on top of converts in the footsteps of the Roman poet Ovid, who lived in exile.


Mamaia is the most important and most famous seaside resort in Romania and is located north of Constanta. A seven kilometers long beach with fine, golden sand, and a lake not far behind Mamaia make an ideal family holiday destination, where you can also explore the interesting surroundings. The Danube Delta tours are as many activities as possible and to enter into October, even the night life has long been some entertainment.

South of Konstanza lined the beach resorts where about 50 kilometers long coastal section of Eforie Nord until after Mangalia close to the Bulgarian border, and are all blessed with wonderful beaches.

Most comfort in this region Neptune and Olimp, which preferred the old baths communist nomenklatura. Here is sending villas to luxury hotels all of comfort for the demanding guest. The Central Baths Jupiter, Cap Aurora, Costinesti, Venus and Saturn, however, offer inexpensive accommodations..

In the Romanian Black Sea coast, there is plenty to see, from the ancient castle Histria the Danube Delta, to Bukovina, and Bucharest is only about three hours away

The Romans founded Romania famous resorts. For many people means a spa vacation in a pleasing erholsamer- and hopefully affordable luxury.
For others serve mineral water (natural sources of carbon dioxide) and mud baths as a serious treatment against (chronic) pain, which otherwise could not be alleviated.
For both types of visitors may Romania small miracles at very reasonable prices.
All treatments are under the strict control of the official Institute of Physical Medicine, Balneology and medically supervised rehabilitation.
The spas are open year round. Treatment with Gerovital Dr. Ana Alsan is a world famous and appreciated. So a cure is possible along the Black Sea or in Bucharest. You can have 70 such centers throughout the country, which indicate the full range of treatments to the most modern standards.